Socea Cristian UI Designer / Front-end developer

Full nameSocea Cristian - Pavel
Date of birthJune 27, 1986
AddressFălticeni, Suceava, Romania
Phone+4 0745 210 871
Email office [at] soceacristian [dot] ro

Well, Hello! I'm Chris!

A romanian UI designer and front-end developer, with 11+ years career experience designing and developing user-centric websites and web applications.

Experience & skills

UI Design

  • Responsive, flexible, fluid layout design
  • UI/UX design patterns and principles
  • Layout/UI wireframing
  • Software: Adobe's Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop (very basic), Axure

Markup & stylesheet

  • HTML5, xHTML, HTML 4, XML, CSS2, CSS3, media-queries
  • XML, XSLT, XPath, XQuery (basic)
  • semantic and standard markup code
  • cross-browser compatible and standard stylesheet code
  • SEO, usability and accessibility knowledge
  • HAML and Sass preprocessor (SCSS syntax, including Bourbon and Compass frameworks), LESS
  • fluid/flexible, responsive, grid based layouts

Programming (mostly Front-end development)

  • JavaScript: Backbone JS, AMD (RequireJS), jQuery & jQuery UI, DOM, AJAX, JSON
  • PHP: mostly procedural but also OOP
  • Ruby (on Rails), Python (Django), Java and C++ - very basic
  • Source code versioning: Hg (Mercurial), Git, SVN (basic)


  • SQL standard, MySQL databases, basic knowledge of PostgreSQL
  • relational database schema design knowledge
  • very basic knowledge of NoSQL (MongoDB)

Other (technical and social) skills

  • Highly focused on details and with aesthetic sense
  • Problem solving, organizational and analytical skills
  • Fluent english speaker
  • Fast learner and passionate about web technologies
  • Strict in following web standards
  • Open minded and good communication skills

Working experience (full-time)

Synygy Europa, Iași, Romania

(UI Prototype Developer, Sep. 2012 - Now)

  • Prototyping UI components
  • HTML5/CSS3 coding
  • JavaScript & jQuery UI widgets development
  • Front-end and UI research
  • Design and develop different (in-house) managing tools as web apps
  • Mercurial and Git VCS
  • Slicing layouts and creating graphics for the prototype team

Studentify BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands

(UI Designer & Front-end Developer, Feb. 2012 - Aug. 2012)

  • Web (UI/UX) design, print and graphic design (Fireworks, Illustrator)
  • HAML and SCSS/SASS preprocessors (generating HTML5 and CSS3)
  • Javascript (jQuery and jQuery UI with very few CoffeeScript usage)
  • Very basic Ruby on Rails
  • Basic experience with GitHub repositories
  • Community and social networks/media experience

Prologue Advertising, Bucharest, Romania

(UI Designer & Developer, Mar. 2009 - Feb. 2012)

  • Web (UI/UX) design, mobile, print and graphic design (Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Wireframing and sketching websites
  • Logo and brand design
  • HTML5, xHTML, XML, RSS, CSS2, CSS3, media-queries
  • Javascript (jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX, JSON, DOM)
  • Debugging Javascript and CSS to provide cross-browser solutions
  • Development using procedural PHP and MySQL databases
  • Social media, e-Commerce, SEO, Web Services and APIs experience
  • Designing and developing Wordpress themes and email newsletters
  • Writing Apache mod_rewrite .htaccess rules
  • Integrating proprietary CMS (written in PHP)

Custom Web, Iași, Romania

(Web Designer & Developer, Feb. 2008 - Jul. 2008, Nov. 2008 - Dec. 2008)

  • Web design (Fireworks, Illustrator)
  • Javascript (prototype, jQuery, AJAX, DHTML)
  • Development using PHP and MySQL databases
  • First e-commerce experience

Other working experience (part-time, freelance)

Eloquentix, USA - Romania

(UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer, May 2013 - now)

  • Design of UI and User Interractions (UX)
  • HTML5/CSS3 front-end development

Freelancer/Self employed, Fălticeni, Romania

(UI Designer & Developer, Jun. 2010 - now)

  • working on independent projects, designing and developing full websites
  • web/UI, print and logo design
  • Javascript (jQuery plugins, AJAX, JSON)
  • PHP development, MySQL

Freelancer, Fălticeni, Romania

(Developer, Sep. 2008 - Nov. 2008)

  • Developing a currency statistics/conversions website using PHP, MySQL and Javascript
  • Developing a browser based Javascript application using jQuery for designing signs and business cards online


Includes the most important projects.

StudentTutors - by Studentify, 2012

Platform/network where students can give and get tutoring from each other.

  • UI/UX/Graphic/Print design, HAML/SCSS code, HTML5/CSS3
  • Programming small Javascript interactions (tooltips, modal messages, cross-browser solutions using DOM manipulation)
  • Providing UI and UX solutions to solve users problems

Bench - by Studentify, July 2012

Facebook app/website where users can share and join personal (small) events.

  • UI/UX/Graphic design, HAML/SCSS code, HTML5/CSS3,
  • The project was developed in 3 days at Startup Weekend Amsterdam 2012

FunkyBiz - by Prologue Advertising, 2010-2011

Group buying website

  • UI/Graphic, logo and graphic design, xHTML and CSS3
  • Procedural PHP (validations, login, queries, sessions)
  • Javascript UI interactions (counters, sliders, other interactions)
  • Facebook newsletter application (and integration)
  • SEO solutions
  • Romanian e-Commerce Awards ‘11 - nominee
  • Nominee on -

RCA Super Ieftin - by Prologue Advertising, 2011

Car insurance online buying service

  • UI/Graphic design, xHTML and CSS3
  • procedural PHP (validations, web services integration)
  • Javascript UI interactions, DOM manipulation, AJAX and JSON
  • Romanian e-Commerce Awards ‘11 - winner (Services section)
  • Nominee on

Prologue Advertising - by Prologue Advertising, 2011

Web design & development agency

ATV Vânzări - by Prologue Advertising, 2011

Online shop for ATVs, motorcycles and other vehicles

Travel Solutions - by Prologue Advertising, 2010

Travel website

  • Graphic/logo design, xHTML and CSS3
  • procedural PHP (search, queries)
  • Javascript interaction (maps, search) and AJAX

Retro Boutique - by Prologue Advertising, 2012

Online shop for old/vintage/retro products

Stylezza - by Prologue Advertising, 2011

Online fashion magazine

  • UI/Graphic design, xHTML and CSS3
  • procedural PHP (queries, comments), Javascript interactions and AJAX

Distribuitor Makita - Independent/Freelance, 2010

Dealer online catalogue for Makita tools

  • freelance project, including design and programming the entire website
  • web design, xHTML, CSS3
  • programming procedural PHP, front and back-end
  • design MySQL schema
  • developing jQuery plugin and heavy Javascript interactions
  • creating its own Content Management System

Other projects

Online (offline) presence




Article mentions


“Alexandru I. Cuza” University, Iași, Romania

(Faculty of Computer Science, BSc studies, Oct. 2005 - 2008, suspended studies)

  • Algorithms, programming (C, C++, Java, Bash), automata, logic and mathematics
  • Information security, security algorithms and protocols
  • Web technologies and Human Computer Interaction

“Mihai Băcescu” National College, Fălticeni, Romania

(Mathematics & Informatics, Sep. 2001 - Jun. 2005)

  • Mathematics, physics
  • Informatics (Pascal & C++)